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Spooky Crescent Park In South Surrey, bc Canada
Spooky Crescent Park In South Surrey

This story is about “Spooky Crescent Park in South Surrey, B.C., Canada”. I read an article by Bill Oliver of UFOBC organization, it’s about an extraordinary paranormal occurrences happening in this area. As a paranormal researcher myself I was also caught and been interested to investigate on this place for several years. I can attest that Mr. Bill Oliver’s article on Spooky Crescent Park is reliable on the paranormal activities going-on. It is an extraordinary experience that made me felt with the history of the past responsible for this haunting effect.

The park is an old Indian battle grounds where wars and smallpox epidemic occurred in 1854. Salish, Semiahoo were people in odds against Kwakiutl, Yukulta - people at war, looting, killing and taking slaves of woman and children. Authority of British army had built fort overlooking Drayton harbour and Semiahoo bay sea and land to keep the war parties apart and believe that could be interfering with fir-trade of the times location not far from today’s Crescent park area.

Salish people also practised ritual call ''Coast Salish Tree Or Scaffold Burial”, they had lavish items decorated in box hoisted-up trees hanging lay to rest their love ones who passed away. Coast Salish people believe that if this burial site on trees be disturbed, a curse will come upon a person and its location. This is the danger of burial desecration in this land.

Long gone of wars, first nations of the West Coast Indians of Canada with their smallpox epidemics, old traditions of tree burials are just part of the past. Today, locals from the nearby areas who I interviewed believe that there’s a practise of a cult rituals. I found no signs of evidence just an idol rumours.

Crescent Park of today is a great get-away place, a few hours from the busy city of Vancouver that will entice you to visit and relax by walking on its nature trails, sport fields picnic areas and sightseeing but beware of going to park at night it’s a ''Spooky Place'' to be.

By: Bill Hauser, AKA Candoey